3 Defenses Your Attorney Will Use To Defend You Against Accusations Of Causing Death

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Causing death through negligence or an intentional act is a serious crime that can lead to many years behind bars. However, to face a jail sentence, the prosecutor must provide enough proof that you committed the crime. Therefore, if facing accusations of causing death, you must do everything possible to defend yourself. For instance, you'll need to engage a wrongful death attorney who will help you gather evidence to prove your innocence.

8 June 2022

4 Reasons You Should Take A Fresh Look At Your Estate Plan

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Sitting down with an estate planning attorney to take a fresh look at your situation might sound a bit dramatic. However, there are plenty of reasons why you should conduct a review. If you're dealing with one of these four scenarios, take the time to meet with a lawyer to review your estate plan. Family Changes Life happens, and that means people get married or divorced, have kids and see them move out, start and leave jobs, and retire.

5 May 2022

Tips To Prove A Driver's Drowsiness After A Truck Accident

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Many truck drivers work long hours and get inadequate sleep, which increases their risk of accidents. Unfortunately, many truck accident victims struggle to prove drowsiness as the cause of their misfortunes. Below are some tips to help you prove a truck driver's drowsiness after an accident. Pre-driving Activities Everyone needs sleep. A truck driver who doesn't get adequate sleep before getting behind the wheel risks drowsiness once they are on the road.

29 March 2022

3 Common Cases Covered By Personal Injury Law

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Negligence and reckless conduct are among the causes of collisions on roads, workplaces, and other areas. Negligence happens when someone doesn't exercise reasonable care and diligence in performing their duty. On the other hand, reckless conduct involves taking more dangerous risks that could cause injury. If you suffer injuries due to someone's negligence, or reckless misconduct, you need to contact an attorney. The following are three common cases covered by personal injury law.

23 February 2022

Preparing For Divorce Mediation? 3 Crucial Tips To Remember For The Best Chance Of Success

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The decision to divorce your spouse is a difficult one. But, once you make up your mind, ensure that you have a plan to move on with your life with fewer difficulties. The best way to do this is through mediation. Mediation aims to ensure that you and your former spouse agree on specific concerns in your divorce. There are plenty of decisions you'll both have to make during the divorce mediation process.

13 January 2022