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Yay, You Won A Sweepstakes! Now What?

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If you thought extreme couponing was intriguing, you’ll be knocked off your feet by the number of people addicted to entering contests and sweepstakes. Sweepstakes winners may win anything from shopping sprees and high-end jewelry to cars and vacations. If you’re new to extreme entering, then you probably don’t know how the process works of claiming a prize. Your hard work doesn’t stop once you’ve won. This is how it works. Step 1 – The Good News Of course, after you have entered a sweepstakes, you will...

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Pros And Cons Of Joint Custody

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If you are currently going through a divorce and have minor children, a big decision to make is whether you want to ask for sole custody or joint custody. Joint custody, also called shared custody, allows you and your spouse to each have physical and legal custody of your children. You can choose how to make the arrangements, such as you having them during the week, or splitting up the time every few days. You may have them in your home from Monday to Thursday, and they stay with your spouse from Friday to Sunday. Regardless of how you work...

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What Should You Do If You’ve Suffered Discrimination While House-Hunting?

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If you’re currently in the process of shopping for a new (or new-to-you) home, you’re likely very excited about getting a fresh start in a new location. However, nothing can put a damper on this process more quickly than the realization that you are being profiled or discouraged from making a purchase offer because of your race, sex, age, children, or another immutable factor. What are your rights if you feel you’ve suffered from housing discrimination? Read on to learn more about Ontario’s laws governing this...

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How Your Actions During The Divorce Process Can Hurt Your Chances For Custody

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If you are going through a divorce and are involved in a custody battle, your actions today can make a difference. Remember that every move you make up until the hearing might be tracked and can put your chances of custody in jeopardy. Here are five common mistakes that can hurt your chances of custody during the divorce process. 1. Losing Your Cool in Front of Your Ex If you are having ongoing conflicts with your ex up to the hearing, you need to make sure that you keep your cool during these conversations. If there are strained interactions...

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Dealing With Sexual Harassment: A Guide For Working Women

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Sexual harassment is unfortunately very common in workplace settings, with women being the primary targets, which leaves many with the pressing question of how they can handle it. Sexual harassment can take many forms, including physical contact, unwelcome sexual advances, inappropriate comments, constant nagging among many others. Perpetrators are usually colleges or even persons in leadership positions, who can make the victim uncomfortable, embarrassed, and even make the workplace environment hostile. If you are a woman suffering sexual...

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How Do You Prove Negligence In A Personal Injury Case?

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Getting hurt is never pleasant. Sometimes, when you get hurt, it is nothing more than a fluke, and you just have to deal with it. Sometimes, however, you get hurt because someone was negligent. This means your injury was preventable, but someone simply did not take the time to take proper care of equipment or facilities. If someone has been negligent in some way, you can sue them for damages and get them to pay for at least part of your doctor bills. Proving negligence can be tricky, so it is important to know what you should look for:...

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3 Reasons Your Family Needs To Hire Estate Planning Lawyers

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If you have a family that you care for, it’s important to take the right steps to plan for the future. Lawyers can help you create a great estate plan so that there are no surprises in the future and your wishes are respected. If you don’t yet have a plan in place, now is a great time to create one. Take a look at the following information to better understand the reasons as to why your family needs to hire estate planning lawyers.  Protect Your Children With an estate plan in place, you can fully protect your children for...

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Succeeding In Parenting And Using Your Legal Options – Tips For Establishing A Custody Arrangement

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One of the most emotionally challenging times in anyone’s life can be going through a divorce. These challenges are heightened when there are children involved, as balancing your needs with successful parenting can be extremely difficult in a divided household. Luckily, your family lawyer will be able to help you use the system to establish a successful parenting plan. Below, you’ll find a guide to some tips for creating a productive custody arrangement. No two situations are the same, in much the same way that no two children are...

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Three Common Financial Pitfalls during a Divorce

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Going through a divorce is not only one of the most challenging and painful things a person goes through in their lifetime, but it can also be one of the most expensive. Unless you and your spouse have already agreed to everything and are having an uncontested divorce, it might get expensive. Before moving further, avoid these three common financial pitfalls. Seeking Revenge If you were served divorce papers and were not expecting it, it is natural to feel angry. While it is normal to feel this way, reconsider your need for revenge. This not...

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No Pain, No Gain: How Injury Lawyers In Canada Turn Your Suffering Into Cash

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While you might wish that you could get fair compensation for your injury on your own, that is definitely easier said than done when you’re facing resistance from your opposition. Lawyers have the extensive legal education needed to do an insightful analysis of your case, and then use that analysis to create a strong case for you. However, any old lawyer just won’t do if you are struggling to get compensation after an accident. Choosing an injury lawyer can help you maximize the odds of getting exactly the results you want. Below,...

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