Tips To Prove A Driver's Drowsiness After A Truck Accident

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Many truck drivers work long hours and get inadequate sleep, which increases their risk of accidents. Unfortunately, many truck accident victims struggle to prove drowsiness as the cause of their misfortunes. Below are some tips to help you prove a truck driver's drowsiness after an accident. Pre-driving Activities Everyone needs sleep. A truck driver who doesn't get adequate sleep before getting behind the wheel risks drowsiness once they are on the road.

29 March 2022

3 Common Cases Covered By Personal Injury Law

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Negligence and reckless conduct are among the causes of collisions on roads, workplaces, and other areas. Negligence happens when someone doesn't exercise reasonable care and diligence in performing their duty. On the other hand, reckless conduct involves taking more dangerous risks that could cause injury. If you suffer injuries due to someone's negligence, or reckless misconduct, you need to contact an attorney. The following are three common cases covered by personal injury law.

23 February 2022

Preparing For Divorce Mediation? 3 Crucial Tips To Remember For The Best Chance Of Success

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The decision to divorce your spouse is a difficult one. But, once you make up your mind, ensure that you have a plan to move on with your life with fewer difficulties. The best way to do this is through mediation. Mediation aims to ensure that you and your former spouse agree on specific concerns in your divorce. There are plenty of decisions you'll both have to make during the divorce mediation process.

13 January 2022

3 Ways A Motor Accident Attorney Will Help You Navigate The Claims Process

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It's common for people to feel anxious after a crash, especially if they've suffered serious injuries. But fear of the legal process shouldn't be one of those anxieties because you can take so many steps to make the process easier. After such an event, hiring a motor accident attorney will make recovering from your trauma much less complicated. Here are three ways these lawyers will help you navigate your claim:

24 November 2021

How An Open Container Can Affect Your DUI Stop

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When you are arrested for a DUI, the police officer might have noticed warning signs that you were under the influence of alcohol and they might have also performed a breathalyzer test. However, another reason you might get in trouble is the fact that you had an open container of alcohol in the car.  Unopened Alcohol and Your DUI Stop If you are stopped for a DUI and you have alcohol but the container is closed, the most likely consequence you will suffer is that you may have a field sobriety test performed on you.

25 October 2021

How Do You Know When An Insurance Company Is Lowballing You After A Wreck?

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The brutal truth is that insurance companies exist to make money, so they're never inclined to pay a penny more on a car accident claim than they must. In fact, it isn't uncommon for the insurance company responsible for your claim to throw out a lowball offer or two just to see if they can get you to accept it. How do you know the difference between a fair offer and a lousy one?

20 September 2021

When To Hire A Divorce Lawyer

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Have you decided to dissolve your marriage? One of the questions you will have to deal with is whether to hire a divorce lawyer. While not all divorce issues require an attorney, having one guarantees a smooth divorce. So, under what circumstances is a divorce lawyer a necessity? When There Is a Threat of Violence You will need a lawyer in case you are pursuing divorce due to domestic violence. Typically, a divorce process involving domestic violence raises several safety issues.

17 August 2021

The Benefits Of Hiring A Drug Possession Lawyer

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If you are charged with the crime of dealing, using, or possessing illegal drugs, you should seek legal services immediately. Drug-related charges are serious criminal offenses. A conviction in drug charges may lead to hefty penalties, frozen assets, damaged reputation, and even long-term imprisonment. Thus, you must engage a drug possession lawyer to support you throughout the legal process. Here are the benefits of hiring a drug possession lawyer:  Understanding of Criminal Law

13 July 2021

Tips for Choosing Your Executor

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It is entirely natural to want to do the right thing when it comes to your family, but when you need to choose an executor for your will, things can quickly backfire. You may want to give all of your children equal control over your will, but they may not all have the financial or mental capacity to handle the duties of an executor, which can create problems. Therefore, when creating your will, there are a few things that you must take into consideration so that you can choose the right executor to minimize problems with ensuring that your wishes are carried out the way that you want them to be when you pass.

9 June 2021

How Do You Find a Good Car Accident Lawyer?

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Road traffic accidents are a leading cause of death in the USA for those between the age of1 and 54. This puts car accident lawyers in high demand. Nobody thinks of hiring a car accident lawyer until they need one. It can be stressful trying to find the right one and at the same time dealing with the effects of the accident. How can a car accident lawyer help? In short, they collect and file evidence, explain the legal process, help you get fair compensation, and take care of everything else while you recover.

29 April 2021