Prepare Your Teenager For An Impending Divorce

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It can be very stressful to worry about the repercussions of going through a divorce if you are the parent of a teenager. You may be concerned that your child will not be understanding or that they will feel neglected after your divorce is finalized. Use the following tips to prepare your child for an impending divorce and assist with adjusting to the change in your marital status. Be Honest And Accept Feedback

18 February 2018

3 Situation To File For An Emergency Custody Order

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A child custody order is typically approved by the court system when a married couple divorces, a non-married couple who shares a child ends their relationship, or paternity is determined in a situation where a mother and father of a child are not in a relationship. However, there are situations where custody arrangements can be changed and emergency custody order may be needed. Some common reasons for an emergency custody order include:

19 January 2018

What To Expect At Your Bail Hearing

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Getting arrested for a crime is never an ideal situation, no matter how light the charges happen to be. If your crime was not a significant one, you may be granted bail so that you can bond out of jail until it is time for your case to go to trial. When you bond out of jail, you will need to attend a bail hearing. The following are some things that you can expect while you attend your bail hearing:

16 December 2017

Time To End The Marriage? What To Do When The Divorce Turns Acrimonious

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If you and your spouse are going through a divorce, and it's become acrimonious, you may feel like throwing in the towel. That's the worst thing you can do. Your spouse may be hoping that becoming bitter, and behaving harshly, may give them the upper hand. If your divorce has gone from amicable to acrimonious, there are some things you can do to keep the ball in your court. Start Keeping a Journal

20 November 2017

Things You Should Do When You Have Been Involved In A Car Accident

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Being in a car accident is scary. No matter how serious, or whose fault it is, you are going to be shook up afterwards; you may even be in shock. The police are called, insurance companies notified, and with any luck you are free to go and not taken to the hospital. You may think it is over and that the insurance companies will handle everything. This could be the case, but things may end up going very differently.

24 October 2017

Two Ways You May Be Held Liable For A Decedent's Debt

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It's unfortunate but sometimes people die with a lot of debt and very little assets. In a situation like this, the estate will typically be declared insolvent, and any assets that are available will be used to pay as much of the debt as possible. Since only the decedent is responsible for the debt he or she incurred in life, creditors who don't get paid will simply have to write off the amount owed.

25 September 2017

3 Questions To Ask Before Applying For A Liquor License In Florida

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Florida business owners that wish to obtain a liquor license may find themselves sorting through the various requirements, scratching their heads. If it doesn't seem straightforward enough, you may benefit from consulting with an attorney who can advise you on what to do. But before you get started with the process of applying for a liquor license, here are three main questions you should ask. What type of license do you need?

15 September 2017