Three Guidelines For Insurance Claims

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In order to recover after getting involved in a car accident, you'll need to make sure you're maximizing on your insurance payout and consulting with an attorney that can help you. Car accident claims typically involve damages for both vehicle damage and physical injuries. These damages can be broken down point by point, but you'll need the assistance of professionals that can guide you through it. To this end, read below and follow the keys below to get the most out of your car accident insurance claims process. 

#1: Stay attuned to the details

If you want to make sure your insurance claims process goes through in your favor, you'll need to build a solid foundation of facts and details. Start out by getting a car accident report as quickly as you can and bringing on witnesses who are willing to speak or testify on your behalf. The details that you take in should revolve around things like traveling speed, the lane you were in, weather conditions, road conditions and a play by play of exactly what took place. Ask the jurisdiction that responded to the crash for an accident report, so that you have everything in writing as well. 

#2: Get your insurance company involved

Once you're in a safe place and out of harm's way, you'll want to contact your insurance provider in order to file a claim. This claim will be part of the process of getting your payout, so take it seriously. Any time you call your agent to file a claim, make sure that you jot down information about who you're speaking with and make note of everything you're explaining. Take as many photos and videos as you can, and send them to your insurance agent so that they have evidence of how the crash took place. 

#3: Contact a lawyer for further assistance

If you feel as though the insurance claims process isn't going to get you the resolution needed, ramp up the pressure by hiring a lawyer. Sometimes it takes bringing in a car accident lawyer to get you the settlement you deserve. Keep in mind that lawyers only get paid if you do, and will cost you about 33 percent of the payout that you get from the insurance company once it's all said and done. 

Use the keys in this article any time you're looking to get paid properly after a car accident. For more information, contact a lawyer such as Helfand, David PA.


8 September 2017

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