Gain Clients, Delegate Work Responsibilities, And Handle Finances Associated With Your Family Law Firm

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If you recently opened a small family law practice and are just getting your feet wet, concerning the representation of clients, you may be worried about how you will acquire a loyal following and promote your business. The following tips will assist with gaining clients, delegating work responsibilities, and handling finances. 

Promotional Products

Purchase business cards and flyers that have your business name, address, and phone number clearly printed on each one. Consider using a catchy slogan or unique picture to provide promotional items with a unique and alluring appearance. Hand out cards and flyers to people who you come into contact with and greet recipients with a smile and cordial handshake so that newcomers remain comfortable in your presence.

Design an an advertisement to be printed in local telephone books. A colorful ad will stand out among your competitors ads and may result in more people giving your firm a call when they need legal help pertaining to a family matter. Have a website designed that is easy to navigate and that provides visitors with detailed information about your business. Use terms that are easy to follow so that anyone in need of help will not feel intimated and disregard your ad.

Clearly Defined Responsibilities For Workers

Type and print a detailed list of responsibilities for your staff members. Hold a meeting to go over the duties and discuss at length any work matters that will require additional attention to details. For instance, if you have a receptionist, assistant, and secretary, tell each person what you expect of them on a daily basis and make sure that they understand that they are not to shirk off responsibilities and have another person cover for them.

Post the list of work responsibilities on a wall inside of your firm so that employees can refer to it as needed. If any new duties come into play, host a new meeting to introduce them to your staff members so that everyone is on the same page and work is completed in a timely manner. 

Assistance From A Consultant Concerning Finances And Any Other Issues

If you are not well-versed in budgeting and handling bills, a law office consultant can be hired to go over your accounts receivables and payables and help streamline the amount of paperwork that you have accrued. A consultant can help you cut corners by recommending ways to complete duties associated with law cases that won't be as costly.

A consultant will also view your clients accounts and make sure that they are billed properly. By keeping the lines of communication open with clients and making sure that they understand the billing process, they may be likely to hire you as their attorney in the future. If any other issues arise, concerning your law practice, let the consultant know and they will help you correct the problems so that your business continues to operate smoothly.


17 June 2017

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