Were You Injured At Work? Why You Should Contact A Work Injury Lawyer

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Accidents at work happen. Sometimes it is because you were not paying attention or being careful, sometimes it is due to another worker's inattention or negligence, and sometimes it is due to a faulty piece of equipment. This is why employers purchase worker's compensation insurance. However, sometimes things aren't so simple and your employer is at least partially at fault or there is not worker's compensation. No matter the circumstances surrounding your work-related injury, it is always a good idea to contact an experienced lawyer and here are a few reasons why.

Make Sure Your Worker's Compensation Claim is Approved

Because worker's compensation insurance pays on claims regardless of who is at fault, they may attempt to deny your claim by saying you were not actually at work when the injury occurred. For example, if you were hurt while out of the office, delivering up something for your employer, the insurance company may claim y ou had already done the delivery so you were no longer working. In addition to ensuring your claim is approved, your lawyer will make sure that you receive all the compensation you are entitled to receive.

Suing Your Employer

While it does not happen often, your employer may have been negligent about something and caused the accident or injury. Perhaps there is a gas leak or some kind of toxic chemical that is not being properly contained. If your employer is aware of the situation and does not fix it, he or she is putting you and everyone else in danger. In this case, you may not only be able to collect from worker's compensation, you may also be able to sue your employer.

No Worker's Compensation Coverage

If your employer does not have worker's compensation coverage, whether it has lapsed or was just never purchased, you will need to sue him or her to be compensated for your medical bills and any income you lose due to time off to recover.

Injuries at work may be simple and require a few days off from work or they may be something major that will require a lot of medical treatments, time off from work, rehabilitation, and some emotional trauma. Whether it will be covered by worker's compensation or your employer it is best to have an experienced work injury lawyer to help you through the legal process. This will help you to recover quicker and more completely because you will not be worrying about money. Your lawyer will handle all that. 


23 May 2017

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