Brought Your Car From The US Into Canada? Here's What You'll Need To Bring To Have It Registered

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If you have recently moved from the United States into Canada—either permanently or only for a little while—you might have chosen to bring your car into the country rather than purchasing a new one upon your arrival. In many cases, this is not a problem at all, although you might have had to go through a little bit of trouble at the border in order to bring it in. In order to operate the vehicle legally in Canada, however, you will need to have it registered to your name and your current Canadian address. These are a few things that you should bring to the Calgary registry offices to ensure that the process goes quickly and smoothly.

1. Importation Paperwork

When you brought your vehicle in through the border, you should have been given documentation regarding your car's importation status. Basically, this paperwork just shows that you went through the proper steps with customs and that your car has been brought into the country legally. Make sure that you bring along any documents that you might have been given at the border when you are registering your vehicle.

2. Insurance Information

Don't forget to switch from your American insurance to a Canadian policy. The good news is that you might not even have to change insurance companies, since many big-name companies that provide coverage in the United States also offer auto policies to Canadians. Make sure that you have everything in-line before registering your car, however, so that you can avoid any problems. You will also need to bring in proof of your Canadian auto insurance when you register your vehicle.

3. Proof of Address

You are probably just now establishing an address in Canada, but you will still need to prove that you reside in the province that you will be registering you car in. A lot of different documents can serve the purpose of proving your new address. For example, you can typically bring in a copy of your lease or a copy of a bill from one of your new utility providers.

4. Proof of Identity

You are going to have to prove who you are in order to register your American vehicle in Canada. Bring your passport, your visa or your government-issued identification to avoid any problems.

Registering your American car in Canada isn't as tricky as it might sound. If you bring along these things when you head to a local registry office, you should be able to get the job done quickly.


1 September 2015

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