Are You A Boss With A Diverse Workforce? Here's How To Avoid Civil Rights Violations

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As a boss who has employees of every different religion, race, and sex, it's important to do everything you can to protect your employees from discrimination and civil rights violations. It's important for your workers to feel comfortable in the workplace so that they're able to work at their best. Not only that, but to avoid lawsuits, you'll need to get very serious about ensuring everyone is treated with respect. Here are some ways to prevent civil rights violations.

Make Civil Rights and Discrimation Practices Part of the Employee Manual

An important thing to do so that all employees understand what is and is not permitted in your company is to mention your discrimination and civil rights policies in the employee manual. Some things you might wish to mention are:

  • Racial or religion-based jokes
  • Professional physical contact between people of different sexes
  • Appropriate conversation topics at work

It's important that you also lay out your plans for those who do not comply with your guidelines. You'll also need to outline how someone who feels their civil rights were violated can safely contact supervisors or others and get help. Employees should have no questions about what is allowed and what is tolerated in your company. You might wish to have a civil rights attorney assist you in crafting this section of your employee manual.

Encourage Employees to Help Each Other

Even with policies in place and written down, some people might continue to act in ways that upset and violate the rights of others. Others should be able to report behavior when they suspect it's going on without action taken against them. Encourage everyone to help each other and talk about problems when they arise.

Get Training

You, senior managers and others may be great candidates for anti-discrimination training. It's possible that even though you'd like to avoid this kind of behavior in your company, you might be unwittingly contributing to the problem or don't notice when someone's rights aren't being respected. Having yourself trained in this arena can make you a better boss and a better person. Ultimately, you might ask that all your workers undergo this training.

With as much information as you've gotten, you can start to encourage all of your employees to respect civil rights and avoid discrimination. For more ideas and help creating a pleasant work environment for everyone, work closely with a lawyer who specializes in civil rights.


8 May 2017

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